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Learn to Prune with the VFTP!

HallmanThe VFTP is pleased to announce our first workshop of the year, a late-winter pruning workshop with seasoned arborist Richard Hallman. January – early April is an ideal time for dormant pruning work, so join us Sunday, March 6th, 2 – 4pm and learn how to prune and care for your own apple and pear trees during this window of opportunity! Held in the garden of one of our very own tree owners (complete with apple, pear, plum and cherry trees!), you will learn:

– To read the condition of your trees
– To estimate the amount of fruit produced in past years and potential yield this year
– How apple and pear trees grow and how they react to pruning and training
– A step by step process that you can follow when pruning your own trees, a great way to overcome the fear of pruning.
– Techniques and tricks you can use to improve the amount and quality of the fruit they produce in years to come

Your trees will certainly applereciate your new pruning knowledge, as you help pearfect their production this year, so be sure to register today for the March 6th Pruning Workshop!


Canning Workshop

Interested in learning how to preserve the fruits of the harvest at home? Want to make your own holiday gifts of jam, jelly, or canned fruit? Join us for a special 2-hour canning workshop! Learn how to process low-sugar jam, fruits, jellies, with opportunities to learn a bit about pressure canning and troubleshooting.

When: Tuesday, October 8 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Steeves Manor, 1985 Wallace St, near Jericho beach

Very limited seating available! Tickets for this intimate class for only $15. All proceeds go to the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project, and is supported by Bernardin.

Get your tickets now!

Canning Workshop

We will be hosting a jam canning workshop September 18th at 5:30pm, hosted by Bernadin at Steeves Manor – 1985 Wallace Street, Vancouver. Participation is $15, all proceeds go to the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project. Spaces are limited, so please sign up soon if you’d like to learn how to make delicious fruit jams and jellies!

To sign up go to:

Learning how to can – success with apples

Carol participated in a VFTP canning workshop and brings us this guest post: 

apple canning workshop with the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project at Britannia Community centre

Ever faced a glut of tomatoes or a wealth of apples and not known what to do with them? This dilemma attracted me to the canning workshop being put on at  the Britannia Centre by  Ian from The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project.

Super chef Ian gave us the choice of canning apple sauce or straight up apples. We chose both such was our enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. Breaking away from our mini child tables (the class was in an infant room), we scrubbed up and entered the kitchen area. Having the benefit of organic apples from the UBC apple festival heightened our keenness and we were instructed to peel, core and chop the fruit (fine for the sauce and large for the canned apples).

apple canning workshop with the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project at Britannia Community CentreIan stressed the importance of sanitizing the jars. He had pre-planned by having two giant cauldrons (ok, pots) of water on the go and they were busy coming to a rolling boil. We ran the jars through the dishwasher and placed them in the cauldrons to sanitize them. We added the apples to another pot and watched with Oo’s and Ah’s as the apples cooked down to a satisfying mulch. Spooning the mixture into the jars we measured just the right amount of space at the top which is critical so that the vacuuming process works.

This is where the essence and magic of canning happens. Packed with goodness, the jars need to be sealed with jam style lids and bands and put into another large cauldron for an exact amount of time. Using the special grip from the canning equipment set (easily found in your local dollar store),  we removed the jars and watched as the vacuum process made the lids ‘pop’ as they cooled. We processed the jars of large apple pieces and voila!

We had 12 jars of food that will last in our pantries for months or even years to come. We discussed our plans for chutneys, jams, and salsa whilst sipping the sweet nectar that is the left over apple juice (this stuff needs to be tasted to be believed!). We each left with a jar of goodness tucked under our arms basking in the satisfaction of an afternoon in the kitchen learning a new life skill and having met some great people in the process.

– Thanks for sharing your VFTP experience with our readers, Carol! 

2 Food Preservation Workshops- Canning

Workshop: Community Canning 101 (space available)

Date: Sat Oct 27th
Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: Britannia Community Center –1661 Napier
To register, phone Britannia Community Center 604-718-5800
Cost is $12

Class size is limited so please register in advance. No one turned away due to lack of funds.

Learn how to preserve in these hands-on canning workshops. Leave with a jar of preserves to take home and the knowledge of how to do it  yourself. These workshops are suitable for beginners, but all levels are welcome.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Workshop #1: Canning with Natural Sugars: WORKSHOP FULL

Date: Thursday Sept 27
Time: 6pm – 8:30pm
Location: In the Eco-Pavilion at the Strathcona Community Garden, near Hawks and Prior.
Register and pay online
Cost is $12. Youth, EYA and Strathcona Garden members $5.

This workshop is full. If you’d like to do this workshop in the future email [email protected] to get your name on the list for next time.