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Pick Leader Spotlight: Cindy Kaji


IMG_20150820_121915358Pick leaders form the very core of our organization; without them, there would be no harvests! Cindy Kaji is one of our most all-star pick leaders from the 2015 season. She led 15 picks and harvested over 1650 lbs of fruit to share with the community! During this particular grape pick, Cindy and her crew worked for over 4 hours to harvest almost 250 lbs of grapes! Her dedication. enthusiasm and professionalism make her a huge asset to our organization and we deeply appreciate her contributions. Thank you Cindy! If harvesting and sharing delicious, backyard fruits sounds like your kind of jam, then please consider joining our 2016 Pick Leader team! Learn more here and be sure to apply today!

VFTP Food Waste Talk – BIL:Vancouver

Happy Winter VFTP Community!! Some exciting news…

Shannon Lambie, VFTP Board Member, will draw on her experience at VFTP, the UBC Farm, UBC Sustainability, her own farming experience…and more, to give an engaging and informative talk at BIL:Vancouver.

Title – Food Waste: It’s hard to swallow

Location – Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, BC

Time – 2:40pm this Sunday Feb 21/2016

Cost – Free (By Donation)

Topic – In this eye opening talk, Shannon Lambie will dig into the shocking reality of food waste in Canada. As a member of the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project, Shannon will explore how food waste impacts community food security and will offer tangible solutions for change. Discover how sharing backyard fruit can build community and contribute to neighbourhood food resiliency.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!


Fruit Tree Project on Coop Radio

Co-op Radio invited us to take over the airwaves as part of their Make a Better World segment.

Shannon, from the Project’s board, went down and rocked out with some Fruit Themed songs.

Check it out:  Co-op Radio

Thank you for 2014!

We did an amazing 71 picks this season! And new updated numbers for pounds of fruit donated to our community partners is 4981lbs! What a great season!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us out this year…we could not have done it without all our amazing and dedicated pick leaders and volunteers!

As well, thank you to all the tree owners who let us in their backyards to pick their wonderful fruit, and to our amazing: workshop leaders (Darlene Tanaka and Richard Hallman), Caro our Coordinator, pruning expert Todd Barisky, and other supporters!

We’re taking a break for the winter now, but see you in 2015!

Contact with any questions 🙂


World Food Day October 16th, 2014

Today (October 16th) is World Food Day – Have you thought about how you can participate in contributing to sustainable and equitable food systems in the coming year?

1. Donate or volunteer at a food bank.

2. Educate yourself and your family. A book, a course, a report, attend a local event. (Eg.

3. Volunteer for the Fruit Tree Project, or a similar organization that connects with your goals. (Eg.

4. Minimize food waste in your life.

5. Get involved in community gardening and food sharing programs.

And lastly, here’s a few myths about hunger!