Pruning Enterprise

We are in the process of bringing some stellar, ecologically-minded arborists on board to lead the newest iteration of our pruning enterprise. Check back here soon for more information on how you can maximize the health of your tree and for upcoming pruning workshops.

The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project’s Pruning Social Enterprise partners with local arborists to deliver pruning services and workshops, with partial proceeds going to support the VFTP and our work.

Our arborists offer professional pruning services at competitive rates and will enhance the health of your tree. The better maintained your tree, the more bountiful your harvest!

Have one of our certified arborists visit your fruit tree this season! To book your free consultation and to arrange a quote, please fill out the form below.

Pruning Inquiry

Our form will be back up and running as soon as our arborists are ready to go! Check back here soon.