Pick Leaders

Vancouver Fruit Tree Project pick leader

We are currently recruiting pick leaders for the 2017 season! To join, please fill out the form below.

What is a Pick Leader?
Pick Leaders are responsible for leading and sharing our backyard harvests! They gather equipment (using MODO car co-op or their own vehicle) and lead a safe and fun pick with volunteers. Then they deliver the fruit to one of our community partners.

Why become a Pick Leader?
It doesn’t get more “hands on” than this! Help provide the most local and nutritious fruit to deserving community organizations. This position is at the core of the Fruit Tree Project- without Pick Leaders, there would be no fruit! Gain the deep satisfaction of diverting food waste to those who need it. It’s also an amazing opportunity to lead a team, learn new skills, meet great people and eat delicious, fresh fruit!

What is expected of me?
Pick Leaders are asked to commit to 4-5 picks per season. The season runs from late June-October.

How does it work?
After a training and orientation session, you will receive emails from the coordinator with details about upcoming picks that are in need of Pick Leaders. Simply email back when you can lead a pick, as it suits your schedule.

Pick Leader Signup Form
If you would like to sign up as a new Pick Leader please click here.