Tree Owners

Fruit tree owners are the foundation of Vancouver Fruit Tree Project. Your trees help feed people in the community. Here’s how it works:

  • We bring volunteers, ladders, and picking equipment.
  • We provide transportation to deliver the harvest to community groups afterwards.
  • You can arrange to be home when the harvest happens, or tell us when we should come.
  • You can tell us how many pounds of fruit to leave on your porch after the harvest.
  • If you would like to donate to the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project, that would be greatly appreciated! Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.
  • Contact us by using the form below.

We are more popular every year. The number of people requesting our services has increased, but our funding remains the same. As a charitable organization, we need your assistance. Coordinator’s wages, vehicles, equipment, insurance, and gasoline all add up and we need your assistance to keep up the good work. If you are able, a suggested donation of $20 would be much appreciated! As a registered charity, you can donate online or make out a cheque to The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project and receive a tax receipt for your contributions.

Please let us know when your fruit is almost ripe, either by using the contact form below or by emailing [email protected]. You can refer to our Tree Owner Guide for more details and tips on assessing fruit ripeness.

Do you see a fruit tree in your neighbourhood that should be part of the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project?

Download this flyer and put it into the owner’s mailbox!

Tree Owner Sign up Form